Bmore Exposed: Music at The Motorhouse

A few weeks ago, we teamed up with Taylor Evans of StylishlyTaylored to highlight musicians that walk the streets of our city and give them an opportunity to showcase their music, and experiences in Baltimore at The Motor House, a space dedicated to celebrating “the artistry of our city.” By featuring artists of different backgrounds, genres, and ages, we saw this event as an opportunity to bridge a social gap through the intersection of music, social media, and community. We had so much fun with the musicians that we wanted to share more about them here, along with some photos from the evening.



Trapedelia is a Baltimore trio consisting of two MC's, Prophecy Tha KyD and B.H., with BlackBeard on guitar. Inspired by the likes of Pink Floyd, Wu Tang, Outkast, and Led Zeppelin, they've developed their unique sound since 2013, combining trap with psychedelic guitar, to produce Trapedelia.


XENNYDREAMR, formerly known as Che' Amour, is a local DMV recording artist/performer. Primarily focusing on rap and hip-hop, she has been able to elevate and sustain her own unique sound. Xenny started writing music when she was 12 years old and in 2017, she rebranded as XennyDreamr, along with releasing her hit single "TEASININMYGUCCI".

Micah E. Wood

Micah E. Wood is a Baltimore based producer, photographer, and recording artist who's genre-blending sound falls in between the lines of pop, soul, and alternative rock. After publishing "Features", a photobook showcasing portraits with some of the hottest artists in Baltimore, Wood shifted his focus back toward the creation of music.

Grayson Moon

Grayson Moon is a Baltimore born indie/soul singer-songwriter who strives to translate emotion through music by infusing multiple genres into eclectic covers and innovative original tracks. "I trained for years in classical music and found within myself an indestructible tether to the arts and how they can really affect people".

Ebb & Nova 

Ebb & Nova combines an alternative acoustic blend of indie and folk to create "honest, heartfelt music that seeps into the soul and slowly fills you up with nostalgic, melancholic happiness. The entwining lyrics with plenty of vivid imagery, combined with the soft vocals and instrumentation really make Ebb & Nova something special". Ebb & Nova are songwriters Lauren Padgett (vocals, guitar) and Matthew Purpora (guitar), accompanied by Steven Bainbridge (cello, yes cello!) and Patrick Brynes (percussion).

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