The Creatives behind The Bmore Creatives

Remember our Mount Vernon Wall at Dooby's which features photos from #thebmorecreatives feed in real life? Welp, it’s time for a revamp! 

This round we’ll be featuring YOU, the creatives behind The Bmore Creatives, with our first user submitted portrait series. The gallery highlights some of your favorite local Baltimore creatives, makers, and get sh*t done-ers and we’re giving you a sneak peek of the photos BEFORE the opening party on January 10th.

We asked folks to tag #creativesbehindTBC on their IG posts containing a Baltimore creative whose story inspired them and makes this city brighter. Our goal was to bridge the gap between social media and our big bad beautiful city by sharing the stories behind the folks who call Baltimore home.  Check out the hashtag to see ALL the inspiring creatives who were submitted.

The new gallery opens up Thursday, January 10th and we’re celebrating with a party at Dooby’s from 6 - 9 pm! Dooby’s will be providing happy hour drink specials and free small bites all evening, so what’s not to loose?

Thank you to all who participated by showing off some of the truly inspiring people that live in our community.