Craig Gross

I created this when the city that I loved and, was raised in was getting such a bad rap throughout the media. My first initial thought was it could be something cool, a single weight line with one color illustration. Pretty dope!! While I was researching inspiration and mapping out my plan on this project, I realized how beautiful my city is and how many small nooks and crannies exist here. I realized how many memories I share with some of these places. I’ve became overly inspired by my city. No matter how the bad vibes that are casted over Baltimore it always felt like a diamond in the rough to me. This illustration started to take on a life of its own, something more than just my next design. It became more personal to me, I just wanted to show how beautiful Baltimore is no matter the dark clouds that have shadowed over it. I started thinking and that’s dangerous for me hahaha. What does Born in Baltimore/Illustration mean to me, it’s not something for someone that’s visiting the city; it’s much deeper than that, you know! I believe it represents someone that’s born, raised, starting a family, going into their next chapter of life or putting their roots down in Baltimore.

Website: www.butchershillworkshop.com

IG: @lifewithcraig