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"Back with a vengeance. I'm always recreating myself, I'm ever-changing. It's scary sometimes and it freaks me out and leads to obsessive thoughts and panic for the future. An artist paid a visit to my photo class on Tuesday (every time this happens I learn something incredibly influential) and I learned to trust the process and to continue creating. I am so grateful to be exposed to so many influential people. I was very worried about my photo quality in terms of composition recently and how I go about taking photos. Comparing myself to so many photographers on here, trying to do what they do and attempting to create presets like them, which is good don't get me wrong. But, I am not paying attention to what I am inspired by and my process if I just non-stop dwell on idolizing others. I have been refreshed mentally when it comes to my photography and I'm excited to create and share my stories with every one of you."